Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival

Step 1. Select Solo/Duo/Trio or Group form below.
You cannot register solos and groups on the same form.
Step 2. Complete Competitor page (dark grey tab).  
Step 3.
Complete Discipline page (light grey tab), will appear once discipline is selected.  
Step 4.
View Summary page (red tab) and edit as required.
Step 5.
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Your name will show in the program exactly as entered. Check spelling and make sure to use Uppercase and Lowercase letters appropriately i.e. Joe Smith

Please use the following chart to determine which entry form you need to use for the discipline you are entering. It differs depending on the discipline and the number of participants in your entry.

Section Use Solo/Duo/Trio form Use Group form
Brass and Percussion solo/duet trios and ensembles
Choral Not applicable all registrations
Guitar solos duets/trios and ensembles
Composition all registrations Not applicable
Ethnic Dance solo/duo/trio 4 or more performers - group form
Fiddle solo/duo/trio and small ensemble (3-6 performers) large ensemble - more than 6 performers
Piano solos, duet, 2 piano Not applicable
School Bands Not applicable all registrations
School Dance Not applicable all registrations
School Orchestras Not applicable all registrations
Speech solo/duologue Choral speaking;choral drama; and readers/chamber theatre (3-6 people)
Strings solos, duets ensembles; 3 or more performers
Studio Dance solos duos/trios,  small groups(4-9) and large groups(10 or more)
Voice solo, duets trio, quartet, quintet, and ensembles
Voice-Musical Theatre solos, combinations - 2 or 3 performers Combinations - 4 or more performers
Woodwinds solo, duets trio and ensembles