Rotary Music Festival
Instructions for Solo, Duet, Trio & Quartet (read carefully):
1. Complete Competitor Tab;
2. Complete Discipline Tab(s) (can register more than one discipline at a time);
3. View Summary, Submit & Follow Payment Instructions.

Important Notes: All tabs are at the top of the screen - Asterisk (*) indicates fields that are required - Solo entries include duet, trio and quartet – Ensemble and Group entries must be entered separately - The information for incomplete entry cannot be saved.

As you complete the registration, if it seems slow please be patient as the program is working hard and doing a lot of the work that was previously done manually by volunteers.
Go to: Ensemble & Group Entry
Participant Information - Solo to Quartet Entry - Check syllabus to ensure classes availability. Syllabus
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Disciplines You Are Entering - When you check the discipline boxes, tabs will show up at the top of the screen. Click on the tabs to complete your entries.

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